Sara Oldfield Biodiversity Consultant
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I am greatly enjoying biodiversity consulting after more than 25 years serving in senior positions for conservation organisations - for 10 years until February 2015, as secretary general of Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI). Recently I was delighted to be awarded an OBE for the conservation and protection of wild tree species worldwide.

I am currently involved with a major project - the Global Tree Assessment a joint project undertaken by BGCI and the IUCN/SSC Global Tree Specialist Group that I co-chair. We aim to assess the conservation of all tree species by 2020. I am working on several book projects and I am excited about further opportunities to communicate the vital importance of plant diversity.  In 2018, I continue to support policy implementation and support the conservation of endangered species.   

This website serves as an initial point of contact and provides background information. Please keep in touch through email, twitter or  the Contact page. I look forward to being of assistance.